Family history bonus

Although our family only moved to Rhyl in 1955 both my father and mother had history in the town. In fact it was in Rhyl they met for the first time. My mother, a Liverpool Welsh girl, would visit Rhyl with her parents, Harry and Celia Lloyd, and other family members in the 1930s. MeanwhileContinue reading “Family history bonus”

Swinging Sixties – not quite yet

The 60s for me were a period of growing up. Nowadays they call it the Swinging Sixties but it didn’t swing from day one. From what I have gathered that is also when teenagers began, even though Bill Haley had tried to introduce the term six years earlier without much success, or so I haveContinue reading “Swinging Sixties – not quite yet”

From big fish to little tiddlers

From timid little infants at Christ Church CP School Roger and I had come a long way to reach the pinnacle of Standard IV with Phyllis Owen as our main teacher. Two things happened in the Spring of 1961 and they were both to have a big influence on my future. Roger was involved inContinue reading “From big fish to little tiddlers”

Where have all the young men gone?

What still lay ahead of us when this picture was taken? It was 1962/63 and this is part of the long school picture taken at the Grammar School on Grange Road, Rhyl, North Wales. This is the red brick old building before the barbarians managed to raze it to the ground. I know the yearContinue reading “Where have all the young men gone?”