Love – a many splendour’d thing but very personal

Love is a very personal thing and is not always full of sweet moments. Three poets can look at love and even if they are close, with similar backgrounds, each will have had a different experience. If you lose the love of your life, no matter what the reason, it can be painful but theContinue reading “Love – a many splendour’d thing but very personal”

Poetry: so much more than just words on a page

I love poetry. I loved poetry since before I loved Shakespeare I have loved poetry since before I can remember. It is highly likely my first poem was actually a nursery rhyme. Maybe “Hickory Dickory Dock” or “Ring a’ring of Roses”. By the time I reached primary school I was already reading poetry from booksContinue reading “Poetry: so much more than just words on a page”


By Adrian Henri(for Bob Kane and The Almost Blues) Take me back to Gotham CityBatmanTake me where the girls are prettyBatmanAll those damsels in distressHalf-undressed or even lessThe BatPill makes’em all say YesBatman Help us out in VietnamBatmanHelp us drop that BatNapalmBatmanHelp us bomb those jungle townsSpreading pain and death aroundCoke ‘n’ Candy wins themContinue reading “Batpoem”

Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death

by Roger McGough Let me die a youngman’s deathnot a clean & inbetweenthe sheets holywater deathnot a famous-last-wordspeaceful out of breath death When I’m 73& and in constant good tumourmay I be mown down at dawnby a bright red sports caron my way homefrom an allnight party Or when I’m 91with silver hair& sitting inContinue reading “Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death”