Great Aunt Fanny could tell you a tale or two about the olden days

Although family history is based on provable facts it does not mean you should ignore individual memories or family stories which have been handed down orally over generations. A senior member of a family, a grandparent born in the 1930s or 40s could give you a direct link to someone alive during the reign ofContinue reading “Great Aunt Fanny could tell you a tale or two about the olden days”

Surrounded by tins and it all started by accident

Are you a collector? I don’t mean someone who rattles a plastic box trying to get cash for charity; or someone who goes around on a big lorry in the early morning collecting the rubbish from our bins. I’m talking about things like stamps; or coins; or teddy bears; or beermats. I am sure thatContinue reading “Surrounded by tins and it all started by accident”

Tonight at Noon

(for Charles Mingus and the Clayton Squares) by Adrian Henri Tonight at noon Supermarkets will advertise 3p EXTRA on everything Tonight at noon Children from happy families will be sent to live in a home Elephants will tell each other human jokes America will declare peace on Russia World War 1 generals will sell poppiesContinue reading “Tonight at Noon”

Family history bonus

Although our family only moved to Rhyl in 1955 both my father and mother had history in the town. In fact it was in Rhyl they met for the first time. My mother, a Liverpool Welsh girl, would visit Rhyl with her parents, Harry and Celia Lloyd, and other family members in the 1930s. MeanwhileContinue reading “Family history bonus”