Tonight at Noon

(for Charles Mingus and the Clayton Squares) by Adrian Henri Tonight at noon Supermarkets will advertise 3p EXTRA on everything Tonight at noon Children from happy families will be sent to live in a home Elephants will tell each other human jokes America will declare peace on Russia World War 1 generals will sell poppiesContinue reading “Tonight at Noon”

Poetry: so much more than just words on a page

I love poetry. I loved poetry since before I loved Shakespeare I have loved poetry since before I can remember. It is highly likely my first poem was actually a nursery rhyme. Maybe “Hickory Dickory Dock” or “Ring a’ring of Roses”. By the time I reached primary school I was already reading poetry from booksContinue reading “Poetry: so much more than just words on a page”

The Trouble With Snowmen

by Roger McGough (b. 1937) ‘The trouble with snowmen,’ Said my father one year ‘They are no sooner made Than they just disappear. I’ll build you a snowman And I’ll build it to last Add sand and cement And then have it cast. And so every winter,’ He went on to explain ‘You shall haveContinue reading “The Trouble With Snowmen”