Love is . . .

or is it? Maybe we should first ask: What is love? Dolly Parton claims: Love is like a butterfly, as soft and gentle as a sigh. Roy Orbison says: Love hurts, Love scars, Love wounds and mars any heart. It takes a lifetime to learn the truth and in the end it appears they wereContinue reading “Love is . . .”

A momentary muse upon a Muse meant soon I would meet my Muse

Once ensconced in my new abode high above Basildon town centre (was this a metaphor for the way I viewed the town, looking down on it and its inhabitants?) my next move was to make friends. In my past where had I found friends? At school – but those days were long gone. At theContinue reading “A momentary muse upon a Muse meant soon I would meet my Muse”

New home in a New Town – and it really is Brutal

I had been working on the Basildon newspaper for six months before I was actually offered a flat by the development corporation. Travelling to and from Burnham-on-Crouch every day did not make it easy to form new friendships outside work. The keys to the flat, on the fifth floor of Brooke House in the middleContinue reading “New home in a New Town – and it really is Brutal”

Hello, fancy meeting you here after all this time!

On my path through life I have met many people – at school, at work and in my leisure time. Some have entered my life and after a few years exited it again. Some school friendships ended when I left school (although there were a few which lasted longer – my dear departed friend RogerContinue reading “Hello, fancy meeting you here after all this time!”

Mea culpa – mea maxima culpa

Sorry I didn’t get back to the tale of our young reporter on his big adventure in Essex but a few things happened before I got round to it which made me think carefully about friendship, something I have talked about before. Friendship is important. We begin making friends when we are very young andContinue reading “Mea culpa – mea maxima culpa”

A fine weekend in the country

Though I say it myself my memory is quite good, short-term and long-term. The long-term memory, in particular, is normally excellent, even down to what I wore on a particular day. There is one foggy area, however, and that deals with the weekend from Friday, 6 October, 1972, up to 8.30am on Monday, 9 0ctober,Continue reading “A fine weekend in the country”

Think twice before you crack a joke

Nowadays you have to be sensitive to others when telling jokes or making lighthearted conversation. Especially in the light of social media. I grew up enjoying the Goons; radio shows such as Round the Horne and The Navy Lark; and Hancock’s Half Hour; Harry Worth, and Michael Bentine’s Potty Time on television. It is noContinue reading “Think twice before you crack a joke”

From Moggies to Jags and more

I have always liked cars. Note well the terminology – “liked” NOT “loved” because I am not a petrol head seeking to gain an image through the vehicle I use to get around. Cars are a useful means of getting around. Faster and safer than a pushbike. Faster and safer than a motor scooter (notContinue reading “From Moggies to Jags and more”

If music be the food of love . . .

How often do you hear people say: “You either loved the Beatles or you loved the Rolling Stones. It had to be one or the other, you couldn’t like both.”? I’ve heard it over and over again for over 50 years and these days I hear it from people who weren’t born at the timeContinue reading “If music be the food of love . . .”

All at sea and having fun

Despite college and work and the theatre I did manage to get some social activities in. The Rhyl Yacht Club was a regular watering hole for Roger and myself. We had others of course, including the Clwyd opposite the club where we were both members of the darts team for a few years. But FridayContinue reading “All at sea and having fun”