Poetry or song? It’s just words

The other day I gave you the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song from 57 years ago and suggested that lyrics are basically poetry without words. Then again some of the finest lyricists in the world are really poets first who then have their poetry put to music. This does not mean all poems couldContinue reading “Poetry or song? It’s just words”

Desolation Row

by Bob Dylan b. 1941 They’re selling postcards of the hanging, they’re painting passports brown The beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in town Here comes the blind commissioner, they’ve got him in a trance One hand is tied to the tightrope walker, the other is in his pants And the riotContinue reading “Desolation Row”

We’re baby boomers ‘cos our parents went to war

Nowadays they talk about baby booms as occurring nine months after a specific incident – such as a national blackout – but the baby boomer generation refers to those born after the end of the Second World War. In the US they give it a 20-year span with the first boomers born in 1946, basedContinue reading “We’re baby boomers ‘cos our parents went to war”

Hello, fancy meeting you here after all this time!

On my path through life I have met many people – at school, at work and in my leisure time. Some have entered my life and after a few years exited it again. Some school friendships ended when I left school (although there were a few which lasted longer – my dear departed friend RogerContinue reading “Hello, fancy meeting you here after all this time!”

Remember the swinging 60s? I do – I was there

It has been said: “If you remember the 60s then you weren’t there.” Those of us who grew up in that swinging decade are looked on as survivors of a period when speed and weed and even acid flooded the clubs and the streets not just in London but out in the sticks as well.Continue reading “Remember the swinging 60s? I do – I was there”

Never mind the boots – these feet were made for walking

I have said before that my musical tastes are eclectic – they range from Donovan to Debussy and Beautiful South to Beethoven. In my teens I enjoyed the hits of the day and believe the 60s was one of the best decades ever for young people. It did not stop me also enjoying the soundsContinue reading “Never mind the boots – these feet were made for walking”

The girls I have loved and lost

The Sixties is a country far, far away. It is a land where once we lived and loved, danced and sang, dined and drank. I certainly remember a lot of dancing and drinking, girls and music. Different music for different girls. Hazel was the Troggs – Hi hi hi Hazel, although any Troggs number willContinue reading “The girls I have loved and lost”

If music be the food of love . . .

How often do you hear people say: “You either loved the Beatles or you loved the Rolling Stones. It had to be one or the other, you couldn’t like both.”? I’ve heard it over and over again for over 50 years and these days I hear it from people who weren’t born at the timeContinue reading “If music be the food of love . . .”

How time flies

Time can play funny tricks with your memory. For instance I know I started at Kelsterton College in September 1966. I thought that I completed the college year the following June or possibly early July. That would mean I started work (yes I actually got a job very quickly) some time in July or AugustContinue reading “How time flies”

The food of love

For 70 years my life has played out to a background of music and now just a few bars of a song or an instrumental can bring memories flooding back. Today’s unfortunate news does mean that for a while certain songs will not have the same happy memories that others do. Of course I’m talkingContinue reading “The food of love”