No more paddling in the shallows as I dive headlong into union politics

There are many forms of addiction – drink, drugs, gambling and more. They nearly all start small but many lead to disaster. As one drink leads to another, as one pill ends with a needle in your arm, or a flutter on the Grand National reaches the point when you put all you have leftContinue reading “No more paddling in the shallows as I dive headlong into union politics”

City Trees

by Edna Millay The trees along this city street, Save for the traffic and the trains, Would make a sound as thin and sweet As trees in country lanes. And people standing in their shade Out of a shower, undoubtedly Would hear such music as is made Upon a country tree. Oh, little leaves thatContinue reading “City Trees”


Welcome to a new category on this blog – reviews. Not just any old reviews but reviews of books I have read (whether recently as with new books or my favourites from a lifetime of reading); films or television productions; and music. I have reviewed newly published books over many years, beginning in the 70sContinue reading “ROBIN’S REVIEWS”

The food of love

For 70 years my life has played out to a background of music and now just a few bars of a song or an instrumental can bring memories flooding back. Today’s unfortunate news does mean that for a while certain songs will not have the same happy memories that others do. Of course I’m talkingContinue reading “The food of love”