No more paddling in the shallows as I dive headlong into union politics

There are many forms of addiction – drink, drugs, gambling and more. They nearly all start small but many lead to disaster. As one drink leads to another, as one pill ends with a needle in your arm, or a flutter on the Grand National reaches the point when you put all you have leftContinue reading “No more paddling in the shallows as I dive headlong into union politics”

Red ’til I’m dead and I’ll keep that banner flying all my life

That great creator of quotable quotes, A Non, is once alleged to have said “if you’re not a socialist at 20 you’ve got no heart, if you’re still one at 40 you’ve got no head.” I definitely have a heart (it belongs to my Muse but she lets me have a free rein with itContinue reading “Red ’til I’m dead and I’ll keep that banner flying all my life”

North South East West – which direction will be the best?

When you reach a point on your travels through life where the track diverges and none of the paths is a direct route to your objective you have to decide which way to go. The moment I discovered my Muse was mother to a six-month-old baby, with the strong possibility that Daddy was still around,Continue reading “North South East West – which direction will be the best?”

Dipping my toes in the murky waters of politics

When I returned to my desk on that mid-November Monday, following the funeral of my last grandparent, I was determined to throw myself into my work and become part of the Basildon community (although to do that fully I would need to wait until I was allocated a flat). Basildon was born out of theContinue reading “Dipping my toes in the murky waters of politics”

1969 – a year of great happenings

A lot of things happened in 1969: The Beatles made their last live appearance — on a rooftop; They also released their 11th studio album — Abbey Road; Brian Jones quit the Rolling Stones and less than a month later was found dead in his swimming pool; Michael Caine starred in the British film TheContinue reading “1969 – a year of great happenings”

Getting to grips with politicians

The weeks continued with the one-day training at Mold and the rest on my own at the Holywell office. It appeared David Nicholas had become my mentor. On the second Wednesday I shadowed him as he did regular diary jobs and worked on off-diary stories. The following week he took me to a meeting ofContinue reading “Getting to grips with politicians”