by Roald Dahl 1916-1990 The most important thing we’ve learned, So far as children are concerned, Is never, NEVER, NEVER let Them near your television set – Or better still, just don’t install The idiotic thing at all. In almost every house we’ve been, We’ve watched them gaping at the screen. They loll and slopContinue reading “Television”

To woo or not woo – that is the question – only fools rush in

Since I last mentioned the moment I actually met my Muse, and discovered she had a six-month-old baby, I have not gone back to that period, well not until yesterday when I commented on that eventful year 1973. It is not because there were any bad memories from that event, or even that year. InContinue reading “To woo or not woo – that is the question – only fools rush in”


Welcome to a new category on this blog – reviews. Not just any old reviews but reviews of books I have read (whether recently as with new books or my favourites from a lifetime of reading); films or television productions; and music. I have reviewed newly published books over many years, beginning in the 70sContinue reading “ROBIN’S REVIEWS”

Never mind the windmills – look for the memories

Noel Harrison once sang about “The Windmills of your Mind” – a place where you turn and keep turning like the sails of a windmill, chasing yourself in circles. In a way our minds really are like this, labyrinthine corridors with doors wherever you turn – each requiring a special key before you can openContinue reading “Never mind the windmills – look for the memories”

Castaways a century apart

The subjects of two tales of boys surviving on a desert island are almost 100 years apart. One tells the story of three boys shipwrecked and cast up on a desert island in the Victorian era. This was written in 1857 by a Scottish author, RM Ballantyne, who wrote almost 100 adventure stories for boys.Continue reading “Castaways a century apart”