Lazy Sunday afternoon as I head off South to begin a brand new life

A Sunday drive in late summer from North Wales to Dorset, in a 1950s green Morris Minor, is one of the most relaxing journeys I can think of. Well I found it relaxing on that sunny day in 1974. It was just as well that I have always found driving myself from A to BContinue reading “Lazy Sunday afternoon as I head off South to begin a brand new life”

A fine weekend in the country

Though I say it myself my memory is quite good, short-term and long-term. The long-term memory, in particular, is normally excellent, even down to what I wore on a particular day. There is one foggy area, however, and that deals with the weekend from Friday, 6 October, 1972, up to 8.30am on Monday, 9 0ctober,Continue reading “A fine weekend in the country”

Time to take flight to the Lost Lands

Once I had got my breath back, following the phone call which set me on a new path, I realised I had a lot to do and just four weeks to get it done. I got the call on Friday, 8 September and I was due to start on Monday, 9 October. In between IContinue reading “Time to take flight to the Lost Lands”