Nothing like a goode booke as long as it all makes complete sense

By now you must know how much I like (like? LOVE) books and hopefully understand why my Christmas and birthday lists always have at least one (most times many more) request for a book. It could be a classic, a thriller, poetry, or more. For Christmas I listed a book I have been meaning toContinue reading “Nothing like a goode booke as long as it all makes complete sense”

Market meeting was a real bonus

Meeting my Muse at the market in March 1973 was a bonus as I thought it would be two weeks after the party before I saw her again. That half an hour with her made all the difference. If you are thinking of a long-term relationship then you should base it on each of youContinue reading “Market meeting was a real bonus”

All the world’s a stage . . .

The theatre has always fascinated me. Maybe it is because of my inner extrovert. Even as a child I enjoyed dressing up. I don’t mean dressing up as a cowboy or Indian. I mean being the character. My parents had a suitcase we called the dressing-up case. Many of the items, tunics, trousers etc., wereContinue reading “All the world’s a stage . . .”