Playing our part

We all know Shakespeare described the world as a stage which makes us all actors whether or not we have learned the lines. How many of us see ourselves in that way and if we do are we a spear bearer, the star or Dandini to someone else’s Prince Charming? If we merely stick toContinue reading “Playing our part”

He’s behind you

My two theatrical dreams, which at 70 I am probably unlikely to achieve, are to direct one of Shakespeare’s plays and to direct a traditional British pantomime. This might surprise some theatrical devotees because traditionally you should opt for either the serious theatre or for pantomime. At Rhyl Children’s Theatre Club Joe Holroyd and AngelaContinue reading “He’s behind you”

All the world’s a stage . . .

The theatre has always fascinated me. Maybe it is because of my inner extrovert. Even as a child I enjoyed dressing up. I don’t mean dressing up as a cowboy or Indian. I mean being the character. My parents had a suitcase we called the dressing-up case. Many of the items, tunics, trousers etc., wereContinue reading “All the world’s a stage . . .”