Take your pick on our origins but it all leads back to socialism

In the beginning . . . What? Was there nothing and did some supernatural being create all we have now? OR; Was there nothing except a tiny condensed spot of everything which then started to expand, like a magician’s box out of which you can pull everything you need, from tiny grains of sand toContinue reading “Take your pick on our origins but it all leads back to socialism”

Dipping my toes in the murky waters of politics

When I returned to my desk on that mid-November Monday, following the funeral of my last grandparent, I was determined to throw myself into my work and become part of the Basildon community (although to do that fully I would need to wait until I was allocated a flat). Basildon was born out of theContinue reading “Dipping my toes in the murky waters of politics”

1969 – a year of great happenings

A lot of things happened in 1969: The Beatles made their last live appearance — on a rooftop; They also released their 11th studio album — Abbey Road; Brian Jones quit the Rolling Stones and less than a month later was found dead in his swimming pool; Michael Caine starred in the British film TheContinue reading “1969 – a year of great happenings”

Getting to grips with politicians

The weeks continued with the one-day training at Mold and the rest on my own at the Holywell office. It appeared David Nicholas had become my mentor. On the second Wednesday I shadowed him as he did regular diary jobs and worked on off-diary stories. The following week he took me to a meeting ofContinue reading “Getting to grips with politicians”