Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women

by Anne Sexton 1928-1974 Perhaps I was born kneeling, born coughing on the long winter, born expecting the kiss of mercy, born with a passion for quickness and yet, as things progressed, I learned early about the stockade or taken out, the fume of the enema. By two or three I learned not to kneel,Continue reading “Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women”

Love is . . .

or is it? Maybe we should first ask: What is love? Dolly Parton claims: Love is like a butterfly, as soft and gentle as a sigh. Roy Orbison says: Love hurts, Love scars, Love wounds and mars any heart. It takes a lifetime to learn the truth and in the end it appears they wereContinue reading “Love is . . .”

Old TV drama recalls the passions of youth

Regarding my regrets – I did not have a sudden realisation that I regretted not learning Welsh. I was not even hit by a revelation that I am proud to be Welsh. Similar to many of my compatriots who are far from home (I have, of course been much farther than Hampshire) I am surroundedContinue reading “Old TV drama recalls the passions of youth”