Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women

by Anne Sexton 1928-1974 Perhaps I was born kneeling, born coughing on the long winter, born expecting the kiss of mercy, born with a passion for quickness and yet, as things progressed, I learned early about the stockade or taken out, the fume of the enema. By two or three I learned not to kneel,Continue reading “Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women”

A Litany In Time Of Plague

by Thomas Nashe (1567‐1601) Adieu, farewell, earth’s bliss; This world uncertain is; Fond are life’s lustful joys; Death proves them all but toys; None from his darts can fly; I am sick, I must die. Lord, have mercy on us! Rich men, trust not in wealth, Gold cannot buy you health; Physic himself must fade.Continue reading “A Litany In Time Of Plague”