Ann Brontë 1820-1849 Farewell to thee! but not farewell To all my fondest thoughts of thee: Within my heart they shall still dwell; And they shall cheer and comfort me. O, beautiful, and full of grace! If thou hadst never met mine eye, I had not dreamed a living face Could fancied charms so farContinue reading “Farewell”

Friends Departed

by Henry Vaughan They are all gone into the world of light! And I alone sit ling’ring here; Their very memory is fair and bright, And my sad thoughts doth clear. It glows and glitters in my cloudy breast, Or those faint beams in which this hill is drest After the sun’s remove. I seeContinue reading “Friends Departed”

One in the eye for the bosses when picketers produce a Royal edition

The weekend came and the weekend went. The journalists in Basildon were still locked out by the Westminster Press Group management. The printworkers were still refusing to return to work unless the lockout was ended and the journalists also allowed to return. On that Monday morning in November, with the wedding of Princess Anne andContinue reading “One in the eye for the bosses when picketers produce a Royal edition”

In Memory Of A Happy Day in February

by Anne Brontë (1820-1849) Blessed be Thou for all the joy My soul has felt today! O let its memory stay with me And never pass away! I was alone, for those I loved Were far away from me, The sun shone on the withered grass, The wind blew fresh and free. Was it theContinue reading “In Memory Of A Happy Day in February”