On home ground for a fleeting visit before we’re on the road again

After eight weeks on tour we arrived at Basildon – home again, for that was the way I had seen it while working on the Standard Recorder, except that now I would not be in my flat at Brooke House, I would be kipping in the caravan behind the Arts Centre.

I would, however, be seeing my Muse.

We were busy on the Sunday because we had driven from our previous venue on Saturday night, parked at the back of the theatre and then settled down for the night, we would have to link up to the theatre’s electricity system in the morning.

Once we had had our breakfast and moved in all the equipment we would need (no necessity for black drapes, front-of-house curtains or lighting bar here because the Basildon AC was fully equipped) we had some free time.

Sunday was still a working day because we had to test all the equipment and make sure the lighting cues were spot on with the stage crew, and do the set changes, not the whole show, to make sure there were no hiccups as each venue had different depths in the wings.

Before lunch I headed off to see the lady I had been been writing to for the past few weeks and was made welcome. I had an hour before I would have to head back to the theatre and over lunch, with the girls, we chatted and caught up with news on both sides.

Her sister and brother-in-law were over from Australia and she said they would look after the baby while she and Sarah came to see the show during the week.

That hour perked me up and just being in the same town kept my spirits up all week.

The week actually flew by.

Because my Muse was working I did not get to see her each and every day but mid-week she and Sarah came to see the show and I saw them both afterwards.

I did get to meet her sister and brother-in-law towards the end of the week when they all came down to town with the children.

At the weekend we had a long drive to the next venue and with the extra morning show and two matinees there was not much time to spare, but we did get half an hour to say our goodbyes and promised each other we would continue to write every week.

I was not going to see her for at least two months as we were heading back west for a few weeks before we headed to London where we were to spend two weeks at the Mayfair Theatre.

Although my spirits were now fully raised I also knew it would be a long wait to Christmas. Luckily I would be very busy.

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