Poetry or song? It’s just words

The other day I gave you the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song from 57 years ago and suggested that lyrics are basically poetry without words. Then again some of the finest lyricists in the world are really poets first who then have their poetry put to music. This does not mean all poems couldContinue reading “Poetry or song? It’s just words”

Poem for the Children of Gaza

by Michael Rosen January 15, 2009 In Gaza, children, you learn that the sky kills and that houses hurt. You learn that your blanket is smoke and breakfast is dirt. You learn that cars somersault clothes turn red, friends become statues, bakers don’t sell bread. You learn that the night is a gun, that toysContinue reading “Poem for the Children of Gaza”

As if in a dream I hear the radio playing Ukranian patriotic songs

Michael Rosen born 1946 As if in a dream I hear the radio playing Ukranian patriotic songs and lovingly produced discussions about the history of Ukraine and admiration pouring out of my radio and TV for the brave people of Ukraine daring to stand up to this terrible invasion and I felt warm and sadContinue reading “As if in a dream I hear the radio playing Ukranian patriotic songs”

A poet who speaks to all ages

I adore poetry and cannot remember a time when I didn’t. I suppose my parents must have read to me when I was very young, possibly nursery rhymes. It is amazing how many of those I know without actually remembering reading them myself. As I got older I was introduced to more “serious” poetry. TheContinue reading “A poet who speaks to all ages”