We’re baby boomers ‘cos our parents went to war

Nowadays they talk about baby booms as occurring nine months after a specific incident – such as a national blackout – but the baby boomer generation refers to those born after the end of the Second World War. In the US they give it a 20-year span with the first boomers born in 1946, basedContinue reading “We’re baby boomers ‘cos our parents went to war”

Think twice before you crack a joke

Nowadays you have to be sensitive to others when telling jokes or making lighthearted conversation. Especially in the light of social media. I grew up enjoying the Goons; radio shows such as Round the Horne and The Navy Lark; and Hancock’s Half Hour; Harry Worth, and Michael Bentine’s Potty Time on television. It is noContinue reading “Think twice before you crack a joke”

The girls I have loved and lost

The Sixties is a country far, far away. It is a land where once we lived and loved, danced and sang, dined and drank. I certainly remember a lot of dancing and drinking, girls and music. Different music for different girls. Hazel was the Troggs – Hi hi hi Hazel, although any Troggs number willContinue reading “The girls I have loved and lost”