Natural suspicion takes a back seat when it comes to bosses v workers

In my early days as a journalist, especially when I worked at Holywell and used to go to the head office printing works with Peter Leaney, one particular point was always drummed into me: “Don’t upset the printworkers.” Once the stories for the newspaper had been sourced, written and subbed the journalists passed over controlContinue reading “Natural suspicion takes a back seat when it comes to bosses v workers”

Mea culpa – mea maxima culpa

Sorry I didn’t get back to the tale of our young reporter on his big adventure in Essex but a few things happened before I got round to it which made me think carefully about friendship, something I have talked about before. Friendship is important. We begin making friends when we are very young andContinue reading “Mea culpa – mea maxima culpa”

Better watch out if Rupert’s about

When I was working in Australia in the late 70s early 80s there was a joke doing the rounds about Rupert Murdoch – a joke which had an undertone of reality. “Rupert Murdoch arrived in (insert town or city name) and booked into a hotel. The following morning he sent his secretary out to buyContinue reading “Better watch out if Rupert’s about”

Finding my place within the pack

There are hierarchies within journalism and the cub reporter, like the wolf cub, is at the bottom of the pack. Above this you get a junior reporter, then a senior, then a chief reporter. Sometimes the chief reporter might also be the deputy editor – then you get the head honcho, the editor. Somewhere inContinue reading “Finding my place within the pack”

Back at work and the pressure’s on

Working alone at the Holywell office of the Flintshire Leader had its good points and its bad points. In many ways I have always had an independent streak. I prefer to control my own life. Take transport, for instance. I hate going anywhere by train or bus because it makes me reliant on other people:Continue reading “Back at work and the pressure’s on”

Here endeth the first lesson

The first couple of days saw me settling in to my new role, making contacts that I should have been making over the previous six months. Even on the Monday I managed to gather a reasonable amount of copy – mainly weddings and funeral reports, but also items gleaned from the minutes of the previousContinue reading “Here endeth the first lesson”

Out of work for a weekend

I arrived home in time for lunch on the day I was told I had failed my probationary period as a trainee reporter. Yet I was not feeling downcast because Bill O’Brien, the chief reporter at the Holywell office where I had been a probationer, had told me there was someone interested in my desireContinue reading “Out of work for a weekend”

End of the road, or a new start?

When I returned to work after my week off I was quite surprised that Bill asked me to write a feature piece about the German visitors to North Wales. I should not really have been THAT surprised as the paper did not have a town identity, such as Holywell or Mold, but was technically aContinue reading “End of the road, or a new start?”