Natural suspicion takes a back seat when it comes to bosses v workers

In my early days as a journalist, especially when I worked at Holywell and used to go to the head office printing works with Peter Leaney, one particular point was always drummed into me: “Don’t upset the printworkers.” Once the stories for the newspaper had been sourced, written and subbed the journalists passed over controlContinue reading “Natural suspicion takes a back seat when it comes to bosses v workers”

Normal services interrupted as chapel members take a walk

Despite my search for real socialism and my fascination with the story of the labour movement, as opposed to the Labour Party, I did not find myself involved in any serious union activity until I moved down South. As I have said I joined the National Union of Journalists while working in North Wales. OtherContinue reading “Normal services interrupted as chapel members take a walk”

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

DOORSTEPPING – we’ve all heard about it. A politician or an entertainment celebrity is alleged to have done something (cheated on the wife; fiddled their taxes; taken a bribe) and members of the press are on their doorstep waiting for them to step outside and face a string of questions and a barrage of cameraContinue reading “Knock! Knock! Who’s there?”

Here endeth the first lesson

The first couple of days saw me settling in to my new role, making contacts that I should have been making over the previous six months. Even on the Monday I managed to gather a reasonable amount of copy – mainly weddings and funeral reports, but also items gleaned from the minutes of the previousContinue reading “Here endeth the first lesson”