Echidna or egg?

In your mind which came first? or I am sure we all have a view whether it is based on science, or religion or just your own bloody-mindedness. Personally I couldn’t care less. What is more important is which of these came first for you? or I know that in this case the book obviouslyContinue reading “Echidna or egg?”

Never mind the windmills – look for the memories

Noel Harrison once sang about “The Windmills of your Mind” – a place where you turn and keep turning like the sails of a windmill, chasing yourself in circles. In a way our minds really are like this, labyrinthine corridors with doors wherever you turn – each requiring a special key before you can openContinue reading “Never mind the windmills – look for the memories”

A voyage of discovery

As the old year ended and the New Year of 1966 began I made the most of the last week or so of my holidays before getting my head down for studies in my home classroom. Naturally I was enjoying the English studies, especially the literature. I have read, seen or appeared in a numberContinue reading “A voyage of discovery”