Against Love

by Katherine Philips 1632-1664 Hence Cupid! with your cheating toys, Your real griefs, and painted joys, Your pleasure which itself destroys. Lovers like men in fevers burn and rave, And only what will injure them do crave. Men’s weakness makes love so severe, They give him power by their fear, And make the shackles whichContinue reading “Against Love”

The Old Gods

by Dannie Abse The gods, old as night, don’t trouble us. Poor weeping Venus! Her pubic hairs are grey, and her magic love girdle has lost its spring. Neptune wonders where he put his trident. Mars is gaga – illusory vultures on the wing. Pluto exhumed, blinks. My kind of world, he thinks. Kidnapping andContinue reading “The Old Gods”