Let’s start again

Day 2

The weather outside may be frightful but in the house it is more delightful.

Not really that frightful, I must admit, more a bit dull, damp and cold, but definitely more delightful inside.

This morning I was reading a tweet Michael Rosen sent out last night.

Last year he was one of the earliest victims of Covid19 and spent weeks, possibly months in hospital, sometimes at death’s door, but he pulled through and rejoined us on Twitter (@MichaelRosenYes had been kept going by his family through the worst of times).

Over the past few months Michael has made many of us realise that no matter how bad things are we can get through to the other side.

He still gets people telling him there is no pandemic but he shrugs most of them off with his wry sense of humour. If they get too persistent he will block them but he doesn’t do it in a nasty way.

We should all be Michael Rosen and use humour to deal with the “Covid experts” and other sundry annoying little keyboard warriors.

If that doesn’t work then just switch off that annoying little tick. There are millions of decent people out there who will help to make your life better.

Mind you I find it hard not to respond to them. I grew up in a family where we “discussed” our different points of view and I still try to do that.

The point is a “victory” over the bots and trolls and their ilk is a hollow victory. There is no glory in it.

This year I will try harder to be more like Michael and Jeremy.

A soft answer may not turn away wrath but it makes you feel better.

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I'm a retired journalist who still has stories to tell. This seems to be a good place to tell them.

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