So this is 2021

I woke feeling quite bright and cheerful this morning – after all it was not just a new day, it was also a New Year. This was 2021 – goodbye 2020.

I wished my darling wife Marion and my dear son David “Blwyddyn Newydd Dda” (Happy New Year to those who don’t speak Welsh) and anticipated a bright shiny day with just a slight nip in the air to remind us it was still winter.

That first cup of tea at 7.30am was like sheer ambrosia. Loose leaf breakfast tea, made in a properly warmed teapot and allowed to brew for six minutes.

Then I switched on the Breakfast news, except there was no news – it was all olds.

We are still battling Covid19 with one hand tied behind our collective back and standing on one leg with a blindfold over our eyes as our wonderful government leads us into a victory march out of Europe and into misery cut off from our friends.

The only bright light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that we now have two vaccines ready for use but even we septuagenarians will have to wait probably until February before we get even our first jab.

At least this time last year we still had 12 months of trading with our European allies ahead of us while we discussed some friendly new deal with them to start today.

I had forgotten at the time that the discussions involved Boris Johnson which meant there was as much chance of us getting a reasonable deal as there was of me beating Mo Farah at the 10-yard-dash with him wearing a deep sea diver’s outfit including the lead boots.

A healthy breakfast, a shave and a wash didn’t help as much as it usually does.

The only thing that did help was to ignore the news channels and watch some tv from the 90s when the only thing to worry about was Tony Blair.

It was Trial & Retribution actually and was quite pleasing to see David Hayman (Det. Supt. Mike Walker) tackle all the problems of leading a murder investigation while going through hell in his personal life.

Come to think of it we might have been better off with Mike Walker running the country instead of Johnson.

I’m going to settle down to a pleasant evening with a 90s box set of something to take my mind off Covid and Brexit and Johnson et al . . .

Oh damn where’s that TV remote gone?

PS: 2020 did have one bright moment – Donald Trump lost the election.

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I'm a retired journalist who still has stories to tell. This seems to be a good place to tell them.

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