Who’s book began like that?

I hope you enjoyed the book quiz. Here are the answers: A “The boy with the fair hair . . .” was the opening of Lord of the Flies, the masterpiece about how quickly we could return to savagery, written by William Golding. Following a plane crash, a group of schoolboys find themselves on aContinue reading “Who’s book began like that?”

Britons retire into the west as the mercenaries fight each other

Britain was no longer British after Anglo Saxon mercenaries mutinied against their Romano British paymasters. They wanted the land to expand into as their homelands in Europe were not enough for a growing population. The Celts/Romano Britons, had withdrawn to the west (what is now Wales, Devon and Cornwall and a large portion of whatContinue reading “Britons retire into the west as the mercenaries fight each other”