Light Is More Important Than The Lantern

by Nizar Qabbani Light is more important than the lantern, The poem more important than the notebook, And the kiss more important than the lips. My letters to you Are greater and more important than the both of us. They are the only documents Where people will discover Your beauty And my madness.

The Kiss

by Edith Nesbit The snow is white on wood and wold, The wind is in the firs, So dead my heart is with the cold, No pulse within it stirs, Even to see your face, my dear, Your face that was sun; There is no spring this bitter year, And summer’s dreams are done. TheContinue reading “The Kiss”

Springtime carries you forward – and promises a glorious summer

The Spring of 1973 was a glorious time. As far as I was concerned the sun shone every day; I was raking in the stories for the Standard Recorder; my circle of socialist-minded friends was widening; my social circle was a round of fun, parties and theatre; and I was getting to spend more andContinue reading “Springtime carries you forward – and promises a glorious summer”