I Cried at Pity – Not at Pain

by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) I cried at Pity – not at Pain – I heard a Woman say “Poor Child” – and something in her voice Convicted me – of me – So long I fainted, to myself It seemed the common way, And Health, and Laughter, Curious things – To look at, like aContinue reading “I Cried at Pity – Not at Pain”

A Shady Friend For Torrid Days

by Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) A shady friend for torrid days Is easier to find Than one of higher temperature For frigid hour of mind. The vane a little to the east Scares muslin souls away; If broadcloth breasts are firmer Than those of organdy, Who is to blame? The weaver? Ah! the bewildering thread! TheContinue reading “A Shady Friend For Torrid Days”

I felt a Funeral, in my Brain

by Emily Dickinson I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, And Mourners to and fro Kept treading – treading – till it seemed That Sense was Breaking Through – And when they all were seated A Service like a Drum – Kept beating – beating – till I thought My Mind was going numb –Continue reading “I felt a Funeral, in my Brain”