The Travelling Post Office

by Banjo Paterson 1864-1941 The roving breezes come and go, the reed-beds sweep and sway, The sleepy river murmers low, and loiters on its way, It is the land of lots o’ time along the Castlereagh. The old man’s son had left the farm, he found it full and slow, He drifted to the greatContinue reading “The Travelling Post Office”

My Religion

by Banjo Paterson (1865-1941) Let Romanists all at the Confessional kneel, Let the Jew with disgust turn from it, Let the mighty Crown Prelate in Church pander zeal, Let the Mussulman worship Mahomet. From all these I differ – truly wise is my plan, With my doctrine, perhaps, you’ll agree, To be upright and downrightContinue reading “My Religion”

Behind the Scenes

by Banjo Paterson The actor struts his little hour, Between the limelight and the band; The public feel the actor’s power, Yet nothing do they understand. Of all the touches here and there That make or mar the actor’s part, They never see, beneath the glare, The artist striving after art. To them it seemsContinue reading “Behind the Scenes”