The armed militias

by Naji Almurisi Yemeni poet The armed militias Plant gunpowder in gardens And harvest the holes on the streets Crushing dreams Robbing smiles Spreading pains Everywhere Here Dove of peace Looking for peace Here The olive branch An arrow Dripping with bloods Here All flowers Smelling of crying Here The truth becomes a kind ofContinue reading “The armed militias”

Poem for the Children of Gaza

by Michael Rosen January 15, 2009 In Gaza, children, you learn that the sky kills and that houses hurt. You learn that your blanket is smoke and breakfast is dirt. You learn that cars somersault clothes turn red, friends become statues, bakers don’t sell bread. You learn that the night is a gun, that toysContinue reading “Poem for the Children of Gaza”

The Day War Came

by Nicola Davies UK children’s poet The day war came there were flowers on the window sill and my father sang my baby brother back to sleep. My mother made my breakfast, kissed my nose and walked with me to school. That morning I learned about volcanoes, I sang a song about how tadpoles turnedContinue reading “The Day War Came”

You take the high road or the low road – I’m heading down the middle

Please note: If you are a fan of Vladimir Putin or Volodymyr Zelenskyy you might not be keen on what I have to say in this article. The war (or military operation or invasion – take your pick) in Ukraine has very clearly polarised opinion in this country. We all know and love or loatheContinue reading “You take the high road or the low road – I’m heading down the middle”

Yon Wild Mossy Mountain

by Robert Burns 1759-1796 Yon wild mossy mountains sae lofty and wide, That nurse in their bosom the youth o’ the Clyde, Where the grouse lead their coveys thro’ the heather to feed, And the shepherd tends his flock as he pipes on his reed. Not Gowrie’s rich valley, nor Forth’s sunny shores, To meContinue reading “Yon Wild Mossy Mountain”

Harold and his Saxons see off the Norsemen at major battle

Following the death of Edward the Confessor in 1066 the English crown was claimed by the dead king’s right-hand man, who had charge of the royal bodyguard. His claim that Edward named him as successor was approved by the Witan (a sort of Privy Council as it was called in latter days) who unanimously votedContinue reading “Harold and his Saxons see off the Norsemen at major battle”

Amidst the Noisy Ball . . .

by Aleksander Pushkin 1799-1837 Amidst the noisy ball, in Hell Of everyday distress, I’ve seen you, but the secret’s veil Was covering your face. Your fair eyes were sad and bright, And voice was so sweet, As sound of a pipe apart Or murmur of the sea. I’ve liked your fine and slender waist, AndContinue reading “Amidst the Noisy Ball . . .”

Frantic fortnight as we get ready to take Sooty, Sweep and Soo on tour

After the first week at Harry’s place, a very busy time all round, it was time to make the master show tape with all the sounds and music for the show. The recording studio was the Corbetts’ living room and the musicians were the Corbett sons, David and Peter (the latter known professionally as MatthewContinue reading “Frantic fortnight as we get ready to take Sooty, Sweep and Soo on tour”

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible

My apologies for the lack of regular content, other than poetry, which has, itself, been lacking in regularity of late. For various reasons I have found myself too busy to provide the regular input which readers so rightly deserve. Or is it that I am too tired at times, not as up to the markContinue reading “Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible”


Ann Brontë 1820-1849 Farewell to thee! but not farewell To all my fondest thoughts of thee: Within my heart they shall still dwell; And they shall cheer and comfort me. O, beautiful, and full of grace! If thou hadst never met mine eye, I had not dreamed a living face Could fancied charms so farContinue reading “Farewell”