The Pied Piper of Hamelin

Robert Browning 1812-1889 Hamelin town’s in Brunswick, By famous Hanover city; The river Weser, deep and wide, Washes its wall on the southern side; A pleasanter spot you never spied; But, when begins my ditty, Almost five hundred years ago, To see the townsfolk suffer so From vermin, was a pity. Rats! They fought theContinue reading “The Pied Piper of Hamelin”

Sacred relics and broken oaths with three claimants to English throne

It took 600 years to really establish the Saxons as lords and masters of the land now called England. They had driven the original inhabitants into the West and then pushed back the various Nordic invaders into small enclaves. Edward the Confessor had ruled for a good time but in 1066 he popped his clogsContinue reading “Sacred relics and broken oaths with three claimants to English throne”

The French Revolution

by Washington Allston 1779-1843 Earth has had her visitation. Like to this She hath not known, save when the mounting waters Made of her orb one universal ocean. For now the Tree that grew in Paradise, The deadly Tree that first gave Evil motion, And sent its poison through Earth’s sons and daughters, Had struckContinue reading “The French Revolution”

Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women

by Anne Sexton 1928-1974 Perhaps I was born kneeling, born coughing on the long winter, born expecting the kiss of mercy, born with a passion for quickness and yet, as things progressed, I learned early about the stockade or taken out, the fume of the enema. By two or three I learned not to kneel,Continue reading “Cigarettes And Whiskey And Wild, Wild Women”

Taliesin in 1952

by RS Thomas 1913-2000 I have been all men known to history, Wondering at the world and at time passing; I have seen evil, and light blessing Innocent love under a spring sky. I have been Merlin wandering in the woods Of a far country, where the winds waken Unnatural voices, my mind broken ByContinue reading “Taliesin in 1952”

Celtic countries lead the way when it comes to “spoiling” our children

I wonder how many of us are aware of laws that affect our everyday lives and could get us into serious trouble, bearing in mind that ignorance of the law is no defence. As of today (21 March 2022) it has become illegal in Wales for parents (or anyone acting in loco parentis) to smackContinue reading “Celtic countries lead the way when it comes to “spoiling” our children”

Caged Bird

by Maya Angelou b. 1928 St Louis A free bird leaps on the back of the wind and floats downstream till the current ends and dips his wing in the orange sun rays and dares to claim the sky. But a bird that stalks down his narrow cage can seldom see through his bars ofContinue reading “Caged Bird”

Sons and brothers battle it out in the Anglo-Saxon Game of Thrones

Over 450 years after the Romans left Britons to fend for themselves the people they left behind had gone West (no, I don’t mean they were all dead, they had literally gone into the West) and the Jutes, Angles, Saxons, Danes and other assorted “visitors” had taken over most of the area that is nowContinue reading “Sons and brothers battle it out in the Anglo-Saxon Game of Thrones”

Time Runs Backward After Death

by Robert Bly b. 1926 Minnesota Samson, grinding bread for widows and orphans, Forgets he is wronged, and the answers The Philistines wrangled out of him go back Into the lion. The bitter and the sweet marry. He himself wronged the lion. Now the wheat Caresses the wind with its wifely tail; the donkey RunsContinue reading “Time Runs Backward After Death”