Dynamic duo produce another great thriller

The President’s Daughter is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

Thriller readers know James Patterson as a prolific writer.

Young adults know James Patterson for his works in Manga and Graphic Novel works.

Children know James Patterson as a writer who puts youngsters like themselves at the centre of exciting adventures.

Many of us know James Patterson as a writer who works across the genres and is not afraid to share that with co-authors.

It is with one of those co-authors, an ex-President, that Patterson has produced not one thriller but two. Yet the two are unrelated as the President in the earlier book, who apparently went missing, is not the same as either of the Presidents in this book — yes I did say “either”.

Although this is another book among the hundreds Patterson has given us it is only the second for former US President Bill Clinton but it is clear Clinton is not only on the bill to give the inside track on the Presidency.

In the first collabaration the President was the central character, a former state governor (just like Clinton) and former member of the Army Rangers having served in the Gulf War (unlike Clinton who did not have any military training and did not serve in Vietnam because his draft number was so high).

In the new book we have a different serving President, female, and the central figure is the previous President (but not the one in the last book).

Following it so far?

This former President is an ex-Navy SEAL (once again the military background Clinton never had), but is also a devoted family man (questionable when it comes to our knowledge of Clinton).

The plot is basically the standard thriller.

Good guy upsets bad guys.

Bad guys kidnap good guy’s daughter.

Professionals don’t do enough to find her (according to good guy).

Good guy goes off the grid to get his daughter back with the help of former military mates.

Although my summary sounds a bit scathing it is, in fact, a reasonably good, well-written thriller which changes pace throughout the sections making up this somewhat lengthy novel.

Whenever the President (retd.) is involved the writing is in first person, the remainder of the book is third person, not the easiest job for a writer two switch from one to the other.

Patterson has the literary skill to keep us going (I quite like the amount of detail he puts in to the background of people and places, although it is not to everyone’s taste) and Clinton provides that insight into the politics of America’s presidency.

If you read the previous book by this duo then you will almost certainly want to read this one. If you didn’t read it then it doesn’t matter because this is a standalone novel.

The hardback edition from Century was published in June. Not much point in giving a price because you’re sure to find it at all sorts of prices on the internet. It is well worth it no matter what the price.

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