Ocean of Memories

by Leila Kay
When one day missing you becomes unbearable
I will seek you out from deep within the ocean of my memories
Walk on the sands of time till it leads me to your sun-kissed shores
Where our journey ended and love will once again be reborn
Here I will await your loving heart

I will gaze out across the ocean
Breathe in the winds of hope
Close my eyes and cast the nets of faith once more
Reel in the vision of bygone times

In one precious moment
I shall surrender my soul, my heart, my being
To the remembrance of the fragrance of your body
Rediscovering its secrets
I shall recall the waves to the shore and bathe blissfully in the ocean of your memories

We shall become one
Dance to the rhythm of our heartbeats
Watch a million butterflies taking flight
Shimmering bubbles floating above us
Watch the sun as it rises and sets in eyes yours and mine

Embrace and behold the beauty of loves tidal wave
Ride the waves of ecstacy
Reaching a crescendo
As each wave of passion hits the shore and we evanesce into sprays of pearls and water
Just another drop in the ocean of memories

Published by Robin

I'm a retired journalist who still has stories to tell. This seems to be a good place to tell them.

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