By Adrian Henri(for Bob Kane and The Almost Blues) Take me back to Gotham CityBatmanTake me where the girls are prettyBatmanAll those damsels in distressHalf-undressed or even lessThe BatPill makes’em all say YesBatman Help us out in VietnamBatmanHelp us drop that BatNapalmBatmanHelp us bomb those jungle townsSpreading pain and death aroundCoke ‘n’ Candy wins themContinue reading “Batpoem”

Headmaster O belligerent boy 1

All the way home after my “little chat” with the headmaster I was wondering what to say to my parents and how they would take it. I wasn’t worried. I wasn’t frightened. My father was a big man. He was also a gentle man. He never raised his hand in anger. Considering all he hadContinue reading “Headmaster O belligerent boy 1”

Pathology of Colours

by Dannie Abse I know the colour rose, and it is lovely,but not when it ripens in a tumour;and healing greens, leaves and grass, so springlike,in limbs that fester are not springlike. I have seen red-blue tinged with hirsute mauvein the plum-skin face of a suicide.I have seen white, china white almost, starefrom behaind theContinue reading “Pathology of Colours”

Feet of clay

Over the last four or five decades forensic science has become a major factor in TV series. If the main character was not a pathologist then he/she was sure to be one of the stars. The first major tv show starring a pathologist was Quincy ME, starring the lugubrious Jack Klugman as Professor Quincy, aContinue reading “Feet of clay”

Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death

by Roger McGough Let me die a youngman’s deathnot a clean & inbetweenthe sheets holywater deathnot a famous-last-wordspeaceful out of breath death When I’m 73& and in constant good tumourmay I be mown down at dawnby a bright red sports caron my way homefrom an allnight party Or when I’m 91with silver hair& sitting inContinue reading “Let Me Die a Youngman’s Death”

Step into the past

I went for a walk yesterday. Something I have not done since the lockdown began. In fact I went for two walks. In both I walked the streets of Rhyl. The difference being that one walk was in the Rhyl locked away in my mind to be taken out and revisited whenever I wanted. TheContinue reading “Step into the past”